Crash Bug

So I just bought Tower Unite Yesterday and i was getting addicted and my friend teaching me how to play
tommorow i was tower unite then when i loaded up it crashes my whole computer help? please

There is a crash dump that is created whenever the game has to shutdown because of an error.
You can find said crash dump by going into your steam folder and navigating to the “steamapps” folder, then you go into the folder called “common” and click on “Tower Unite”.
Inside said folder there should be a crashdump file, you can just upload it to google drive or dropbox and post the link here.

wait no hold up heavysteam, he said

so uh that sounds more like the computer can’t run the game or meet the requirements?

Your average game and or computer almost always make a crashdump when they have to close because of an error
Plus trying to see if the game made a crash dump he could post is much easier than going into Run, accessing event viewer and then go looking for the BSOD logs, especially if your computer hasnt been set up to make any (damn windows 10).

There is no crashdump file

Oh and it also resets to default settings each crash

Alright so i had bought tower unite for the past 2 days and i came across a crash with my computer
when i load in minigolf or a other game and i restart the game and rejoin it keeps crashing and i have to wait a day
to play it again please help

Every time your game crashes, a crash dump should be generated. These crash dumps can help the developers of Tower Unite see how your game crashed so that they can try to fix the issue (or issues) from happening again. You can see how to post a crash dump in this post:

i went where the crash dump files are and its not there and plus now when it crashes it uninstalls

Uh, what?

That sounds almost as bad as the time all of my .bin files were being turned into SNES ROM files. (Yes, that really happened.)

What are your computer specs?

Also, I’m gonna merge this with your other support thread.

yeah its the graphics and resolution thats the problem