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got a fatal error and crashed (continue)


and he raged so hard he (continue)


micspammed sans talking in the casino (continue)


but he got kicked out for causing a disturbance (continued)


and then he talked to a mug and he got an rc sleigh (continue)


in his dreams because rc sleighs are rare as fu… (continue)


A blow of the horn censored that word. (Continued)


and then a iojioejroiejroerwj entered the lobby (continue)


and left after seeing how horrible tower unite was since it didnt have fnaf roleplay.


But it did have furry basements so he was happy. (continue)


and then big boy papa johns lit it all on fire with a nerf water gun (continue)


He,however,changed his mind and begun to douse the hot flames using garlic sauce. (continue)


so he can take the remains and make pizza with them (continue)


during making the pizza, he had realised how long the story had grown, and thought about making a book(continue)


so he started writing (continue)


About how this game came to be (continued)


and how it was freaking terrible (cuntunue)


only to be banned from (continue)


Woody (continue)


,this did truly make me cry (continue)