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Snapped them with his Thanos Glove and they all died (continue)


,unfortunately the glove was just a cosmetic glove (continued)


and the crabs were very ANGERY (continue)


so they pinched Jonny, leaving him with bruises. (Continued)


so johny ate sugar (im not sorry) (continue)


but immediately told his dad. The crabs saw he was a good boy. (continue)


So they killed his dad and now the crabs are his new parents (continue)


what (continue)


‘‘did you do to my father’’, johny asked (continue)


“We crab-adopted you, son.”, the crabs answered. (continue)


this story took a weird turn


said the random voice from heaven(continue)


and then from the sky, emerged an epic man
he said to johny…


Johnny ate a pepperoni pizza instead and Epic Man was not happy (continue)


so epic man MADE

by eating the cursed candy corn pizza


then johny began eating this DISGUSTING so called ‘‘Food’’


and then the entire world collapsed


Causing The Jazztronauts Void to show up (Continue)


and then johny did this out of complete panic



And apparantly killed the story in the progress, so he (continue)