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papa johns said the n word and gained control of the underworld (continue)
you cant say the n word thrats tacitt!!


The underworld of pizzas (contin)


The underworld was chaos before he came, but papa johns saved them (Con-TinTin-ue)


johny abolished all terrible things in the world in the time it took for these events to take place


But Johnny was terrible as well, “goodbye Johnny” ,said the pizza


and then johny blj’d into fuckville - population: only him (continue)


so he left (continzueeeeee)


but he couldn’t, he was in…


A bear trap (continue)


and then someone came to help him out (continue)


It was Leafy (continue)


but leafy was a ghost so he couldn’t do anything about it (continue)


So along came a bear trap disabler


Who didnt know anything about disabling bear traps. (continue)


He died drinking water too fast, so Leafy came back from the dead to help poor Johnny (continue)


and then he started making videos about creepy minecraft animations (continue)


Idubbz came along to stop it though (continue)


and then he died now continue


Everyone came to his funeral, except for (continue)


DENMarkus Because He (continue)