Connecting joycons to a pc

Okay i know this is RIDICULOUS to ask here, but I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while, i want to connect my joy-cons to my pc to use them in emulated games, but no matter how hard i try, they dont connect, ive even reinstalled my bluetooth drivers, if anybody has had this problem and figured it out, please help

I’m gonna assume you did the whole pair “joy con Left 1st, then pair Jon Con Right so Windows and Steam sees it as a full controller” thing. Windows does their best but sometimes it doesn’t always work.

You might have to bite the bullet and pay a Switch Adapter like: MAYFLASH Magic NS or 8BitDo USB Wireless Controller Adapter. Both works pretty well, but my experience MAYFLASH Magic NS does a better job in terms controlling what mode you want, allowing your joycons to be seen either as Xbox 360, Switch or PS3 controller on your PC.

Nah man, it literally just doesnt read either controller, every other blutooth device is fine its just them

I think and a Bluetooth adapter gets me the answer to this questions.

okay, but i dont have a duel shock controller