Condos no longer saving


I was building in my condo and when i got on the next day, everything i did was reset to before i started building. I tested all my condos and none of them save anything I do. I tried disabling steam cloud, verifying cache, deleting and messing around with my condo saves but nothing seems to work. It’s been happening since yesterday and is keeping me from building anything, this also doesn’t happen in any of my other games so im stumped. :frowning:


How do you exit the game? Do you disconnect to menu? Disconnect to desktop? I’m just curious,no idea how to help


It seems to be an issue on Drrabbit’s end, so it’s not actually a game bug.

Not a good situation for him though.


Turns out my snapshots still don’t work and my condo still refuses to save normally :frowning:


Done a little research and it could be a few things. 1. An error in the Microsoft OS code. 2. An Internet explorer problem. (Someone said update to IE9 to fix). Or 3. An advanced virus that’s pretty much invisible to antivirus software.

Here’s more info on the Microsoft code if the Internet Explorer method doesn’t work.