Condo worries

Since the new condos will be infinite ( so anyone can get a condo), I feel like this creates a new problem. In Gmod Tower, we only had 20 suites so it was easier to go to our friends or other peoles condo. Now it will be difficult to go to a persons condo because the condo lobby cant be infinite (It can’t hold 80 condos, it would be to long!). We also wouldn’t have the same feeling of going condo to condo in Gmod Tower.

I am assuming that the condo thing will still be the same (I hope), but the difference is that everyone has the option to log onto a condo without going through the lobby.

This remembers me to Cantor’s paradox. Don’t ask me why, I’m obsessed with ∞

Im thinking something like a peice of paper you pick up that shows everyones condo #, their name, and if they are having a party. It would lessen the space the lobby took up, but would be more convenient.

I’m gonna guess there will be a UI to see a list of active condos. Keep in mind that it isn’t Source anymore; there won’t be a 64 player limit.

There might.

Oh. :frowning: 64 players is a good stopping point because it runs okay on Source.

I’m sure people will find work arounds for whatever limit we end up having, even if it there is a risk of instability.

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I used to play on a social game where players had condos (and it was actually one of the main features of the game, so there were a lot). The game, unlike TU, didn’t have servers. There were three different plazas (each containing a different appearance, set of shops, etc) and players could open up a menu that would allow them to look through all of the player condos. Players could set passwords on their condos or leave them open. Each condo was obviously just an instance of the original one, I.E., no extremely long hallways or creepy elevator rides. Just a teleport straight to the condo. I found that it worked pretty well.

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I agree with @Nocte, this was the idea I had thought too.

I think I remember someone saying that when you enter one of the elevators, a UI will pop up instead of being sent to the Condo Lady Desk (where all the condos are). Im guess you pick to enter your or someone elses condo to enter. I think Mac is the one who stated this.

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The current plan is this:

We have an elevator from the lobby that when you enter - opens up a GUI. This same GUI can be pulled up from the main menu, but we want to have the physical location as well.

It’ll display a bunch of condo doors (in 2D, think of Monster’s Inc.) with filters to show your friend’s condos, condos from the people you’re in the lobby with, and condos who’s having a party.

Now when you have a condo - because it’s something that is instanced, we’ll have it so you can customize your door, select your privacy settings (friends or public), and select if you want it to be open to anyone at any time for viewing.

The other cool feature we’re thinking is knocking. Players who have their condos closed can also allow knocks. When in the condo browser you can click on a locked condo and knock. The knock will send a notification (via email or in-game if they’re in the game) and will alert the condo owner that someone wants to check it out.

The idea is that your condo is your personalized thing so we’re really trying to figure out new and inventive ways to explore the idea of sharing your condo beyond just the game.

It’s something that will evolve overtime, so don’t expect all these features day one.