Old Tower Unite Frequently Asked Questions (during Indiegogo)

Well will there be any special in game donor things like shops or something and will Legacy Donors get access to them I know they will have that stuff, but thanks :relaxed:

Nobody knows. Interesting idea. 3 hours left to donate old tower.

Hmmm interesting, and if you are a backer and a Legacy Donor will you get both tags?

Yup. You get both tags

Question regarding the servers,

-Will there be a limit on how many players can join a server? And if so, what is the max number?

(Also, I can’t wait for Tower Unite! The new TU trailer was bomb! All my support is toward you guys! :smile:)

There will be a limit, it’s too early to know yet what the limit will be. We will be aiming for at least 64 player slots.

So, what about Windows 8 (not 8.1)?

No problem, but why are you still on 8?

Awesome, Thanks :slight_smile:

Will the alpha key give you access to beta without the beta key, like the alpha will give you access before beta so will you continue to have access without the beta key… :sweat: and does a “Steam Early Access Copy Of The Game” mean a Steam Early access key? Or something like that? Also if I back the game with more money like I Backed it with $25 and now I want to back it with $28 more, does it combine into the $50 pack or like do I keep the things I got from audiophile and gt everything from Partner Gamer or what will happen? And if I backed it with the $28 after 20 July would I still get the keys?

The alpha key will give you access to the game way before the Steam Early Access. We are treating the Steam Early Access as the FIRST release of the game. In other words we want to make sure the Steam Early Access is bug free and is basically the game with less content.

Yes. Steam Early Access is considered by us as the official public release of the game. You’re basically getting a pre-order of the game.

You’ll have to look into https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/articles/526756-How-to-Upgrade-Your-Perk

Yes, before or after July 20th you’ll be able to get the alpha keys as long as you select a perk that offers the alpha keys.

How will we recieve the keys? Will they be emailed to the email linked with our Indiegogo account? (Seems the most likely option) Also, I expect we’ll only receive the keys after the release of their respective versions, correct?

Just needed to confirm these things, seeing as I don’t want my 4 keys for each lost in the shuffle.

Yes, you will receive an email via indiegogo that will contain the Alpha Key(s).
If you donated the right amount that is :wink:

You know it! :sunglasses:

Why do none of the perks inherit the Keys and things from Partner Gamer and Four Party Gamer? They are like completely seperate from everything else.

Another quick question, what would be your policy toward YouTube videos of the alpha? (Assuming it’s disapproved of, considering it’s a CLOSED alpha, but it would certainly be fun to make them)

Thanks again,

What happened to “Brain it on”? The trivia game mentioned in the kickstarter? Is that still going to be a thing?

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My primary email that I use to back projects is tied to my alt steam account, but I want the backer items to go to my primary steam account. Do I have to back Tower Unite with the email tied to my primary account, or can I choose what steam account the rewards go to after backing the project?

You will get a code that you redeem on whatever steam account you want :stuck_out_tongue:

So, when you have funded on Indiegogo, like me, 20$, they say: “… closed alpha due to be out by july 20th” is it keeped or not? Will we have a closed alpha today?