Condo Suggestions // Things To Add

When I first played Tower Unite, I had a great time. The more I played the game, I noticed some things that I wished were in the game, so here are those things.

1. The ability to give someone permission to edit your condo. I heard that there will be an update, something along the lines of “community building” update. But I’m not 100% if those are rumors or not.
When customizing my condo I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool to be able to build with your friends?”.

On top of giving people permission to build. To prevent people from destroying peoples condos, I think that locked items that are placed in the world, shouldn’t be able to be moved or unlocked by anyone except the Admin. This gives peace at mind to someone who just met someone new, giving them permissions.

2. Another thing I really hope is added to the game, is the ability to take the Plaza game modes, and be able to purchase them in your condo. For example; a Poker Table in someone’s Condo, or even Type Derby, Bowling etc. People can practice these things in the comfort of their own Condo, or even play with other people who join.

If you are interested in these things then please Reply to this Topic with your thoughts or further suggestions.

Although this post is old, it still is relevant. Community Condos will allow you to give people permission to build.

I remember seeing somewhere on the discord/forums that there was talk of “zones”. You would be able to have them setup so that people can only edit items in areas you specify, among other things (such as enabling PvP). I’ll try and find the post that I’m talking about.

This post has a list of permissions you would be able to customise. Of course it’s not final but that appears to be what is planned. Will We Be Able to Place Other Players' Items in Condos? - #4 by macdguy