Condo reset itself. None of my snapshots are available to load.

All of my condo snapshots are saved and currently available on my D:\ drive, where all Steam and Tower Data is primarily directed to go; particularly, under the path location: D:\Steam\userdata[steamID3]\394690\remote\Condos\C_Condo

I used to have all of my Steam data located on my C:\ drive, then copied it ove to my D:\ when I realized I was running low on space. The game itself is downloaded in the said D:\ drive; however, it’s in a separate folder entitled “SteamLibrary”. This never caused an issue and my condo was able to successfully load and snapshots were present at all times. I’m trying to figure out how to force Tower to recognize and load these files. I have tried:

1.) Verifying the integrity of my game files through steam.
2.) Saving a snapshot with a unique name to see if I could look through my files and determine if it was saving to a new location. It was saving to my C:\ drive; however, the folder it saved to ALSO contains my other snapshots as well, so I have no idea why those won’t load/appear.
3.) Backing the game up, uninstalling, then recovering the backup - all to no avail.

I absolutely need help. I have invested so much time into my standard and Holiday condos. If I’m unable to get these back I truly think I’ll be giving up on the game.

Condo saves are saved under Steam cloud. Since it’s done through that, the files are stored on whichever drive the Steam application is stored (which sounds like the C drive in your case). I recommend copying the files while Tower Unite is running as Steam will override any changes when it syncs to Steam Cloud the moment the game is closed.

To my knowledge there is no way (other than symlinks) to tell Steam to move your cloud data to another drive. So it’s best to keep the condo save files in your C drive.