Condo. Reset & condo snapshots not loading

Since i have last played, my condo has been completely reset to default.

Trying to fix this i attempt to load a snapshot of my condo that i have saved, after fully loading nothing changes and the condo stays unfurnished.

I have roughly 600+ indivitual items that i took the time to place and set up the way i liked it.

is there anything i can do to get my condo back they way it was, or to get the saved snapshot of the condo loading correctly?

Thank you :slight_smile:

This is most likely a problem with your internet as it is usually with other people with this problem.

Try the following:

  1. Check your internet, make sure there’s no latency issues.

  2. Restart Steam to ensure you have a stable connection to Steam servers.

  3. Verify integrity of game files, this one is usually a catch all for any problems you might encounter with this game.

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After trying all of these steps, nothing has changed & it still has the same problem.

It seems to be not loading anything whatsoever, as if the whole layout has just been erased.
Snapshot still not loading anything either :confused:

Any fix?


Good idea to check this out - suggestions made are to check your firewall and to make sure other Tower Unite processes don’t run on accident when you start the game. It is a different problem but solutions might apply.

Wait on a developer to come in here to potentially roll you back, I think macd did it for one guy, or at least he checked something for the person with missing stuff. Worse comes to worse, update messed up a cloud save, you had the game uninstalled, and you’ll have to make a new condo. I had the same issue, but I understand why you’d want to get your stuff back.

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all that is left, which i am now doing, is to redownload the whole game.

I’ll give it a try and hope for the best, if not i suppose i’ll just ditch the whole thing

EDIT: Didn’t work, thanks for trying, cba having to spend as much time as I have getting things back so i’m gonna just leave it all, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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