Condo Mistake


Hello, i think i may have posted this in suggestions as i read it as support, but as i said on that. I was up late into the night and hit a pretty good luck spree in the casino enough for some furniture and a new condo but when i went to click the House condo my Dyslexia made me read Highrise as House just as i read Suggestions as Support, if possible it would mean a lot if i could get it removed and refunded, even partially because after trying to see if it would work i truly dislike it. Thank you and i hope that i’m not overstepping here.


It is in the correct category. :slight_smile:
Also, if it’s enough, you can sell condos from your inventory for half (?) the original price (esc->inventory).


Im not sure what you mean by correct category, but this thread is now in Support after the second try but yeah i didnt know you can sell them from the inventory, if i cant get the full refunded then yeah that would be fine, gunna suck to lose like 85K