Condo IO Suggestions Megathread


Post any ideas you have for Condo IO here!

Here’s a few ideas:

  1. The host could place equippable items down for anyone to use. This could be used for weapon drops, and other things. These items could be equippables you buy at the stores, weapons from the games in TU, or even workshop weapons.

  2. If you walk into an area, a scripted event happens. For example, the lights could start flickering/turn off, an NPC might run by, a door could open, a sound effect could play, you stop moving, etc.

  3. You could set the camera position in a specific area. You could use this for forcing a side view for 2D platformers, or you could make a Resident Evil-like camera position.



A couple more things we came up with on the Discord:

’Counter’ item:
An item that simply increments by a set amount every time a specific trigger action is performed. A couple applications I can think of are:

  • Scorekeeping in custom minigames
  • Lives in PvP, could make it count down every time a specific player dies, and when it hits 0, it could then teleport them somewhere else or something.

Custom spawn points:
Pretty simple one, set a custom spawn point for players. There can be different spawn points for players with different roles such as admins, moderators, guests, or custom (see below).

Custom roles with set permissions:
Basically the host can create custom roles for players to use. An application of this could be in a fight arena. Players can choose whether they want to be fighters or simply spectate, and depending on which, they’ll spawn in different locations, have access to different items, etc. Thanks to @Stoneman from the Discord for helping with this one.



Something akin to wiremods E2

Idk if yall are familiar with wiremod for Gmod, but you can right executable programs in LUA and make them work in game. Example:
if(Number_of_people > Minpeople) {Secret_door_trigger =1} else {Secret_door_trigger=0}

Just an example of something that could be used, of course it would have the inputs and outputs needed.



A few parts based on electronic components. A lot of it is in Wiremod and is probably planned to TU also, but I’m gonna put this here anyways.

LCD Panel
Customizable size and resolution, would actually display per-pixel (not sure how this would go for performance). Could be modified through lua code allowing you to draw out a set of frames in an editor and refer to said frames in the code (with certain areas defined as being dynamic/modifiable).

Would allow playback of any .mp3 (or other audio files) and the ability to change pitch and volume.

Would allow the production of a frequency in a sine, square, triangle, or sawtooth wave. Frequency and amplitude would be configurable.

Value could be changed by hovering over and scrolling potentially, and would be controllable from a value of 0 to 100. Could be wired to, for example, change the amplitude/frequency of a buzzer.

Arithmetic Unit
Would be certain types of gates and math expressions that could be used for calculating a variety of things. Similar to Wiremod’s gates.

Proximity Sensor
Basically a laser (configurable to be visible or not) that would fire from an emitter and measure the distance from said emitter to whatever it ends up hitting.

Would allow for movement such as translation and rotation with the potential option of setting different types of interpolation (although this could also be done with an arithmetic unit, see above).

Along with other things such as switches, LEDs, and other assorted electronic components. Basically it’d be fun to have an electronics workshop in TU.

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NPC Scripter

This is just the foundation for having an NPC run by when something is toggled / or a looping path for the NPC.

Imagine the order of pictures and videos are how you’d set it up.

Say the user presses Numpad 1 to start the script, and they do as follows:

And once they’re done scripting it, the path shows up on the players screen:

And they could change the speed, tell the NPC to perform actions, tell them to stop at certain nodes for certain times, NPC active times (active only at day / night option)
Obviously custom playermodels would be there, as they are just normal NPCs doing certain actions.