Condo Games!

My friends and I are ITCHING to have some actual activities to do around condos. We wanna hang out in them, but all there is to really do is observe, talk, and watch youtube.

TOP SUGGESTION: Add a poker table! Even better if you could make it more modular than the casinos (Upping the ante, adding more players, etc.)

~ The reason I really stress this suggestion is that it shouldn’t be hard to do. You already have a poker table model and a basic version of Texas Hold’em. Now give it to us!

More Ideas!

  • Make the chess board playable
  • Billiards table
  • Checkers

The list can go on and on guys. Please make the condos have more activities to do!

These have been suggested multiple times. It is a bit of meme here now that you should search before you post to make sure that know one else has already made that suggestion or idea.





Can I use this picture in future?

I didn’t make it, go right ahead lol

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Alright! Whoever made it is an absolute genius

I used to get annoyed when I saw this posted back when I first joined, now I’m saving this for future posts.

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I know, I know, this has been posted before, many, many times. But perhaps that is a strong signal that many people want condo games very badly, and I cannot find a Trello card outside of Arcade Phase 3 with Darts and Salmon Says games that adds things like pool and checkers for the condo.

I am bumping this once again after all of these years of condo games suggestions to reiterate that people would love an update that adds even the most simple of condo games, even if all of their payouts in condos are 0.

That is all I have to say, thank you for reading these posts, and thank you for developing this game


You definitely did the right thing by bumping it. It beats having 900 different suggestions for the same thing. Makes it near impossible to know the true amount of people who voted for a certain suggestion.

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Exactly! And for this case in particular, I kept looking for the true original post that mentioned this suggestion, and could not find it at all. Each post pointed to another post, often both of which having top replies stating that “this has already been suggested”.

Agree agree agree.

Condos can be an excellent creative outlet. However, if you’re having friends over for to chill or for a virtual party, we absolutely need things to do.

Updoot for the following:

  • Chess/Checkers
  • Darts
  • Billiards
  • Tic Tac Toe/Noughts & Crosses
  • Backgammon
  • Ladders
    And many other tabletop type games…

In addition, I also suggest:

  • Connect 4
  • Air Hockey
  • Poker (Only for friendly games where you can practice your skills and there’s no risk of Unit loss)
  • Dominoes
  • Spin The Bottle
  • Ludo
  • Cards Against Humanity (No risk of infringement as it’s under a CC BY-NC-SA license)
  • Battleship
  • Skeeball Home Edition
  • An upright arcade cabinet type game (When Destroy! gets finished maybe)

A few of those board games might be restricted under patent or copyright.

And speaking about board games, an idea I have for the Plaza is to have a board game library to play games for units. Perhaps the third floor of the Arcade building could serve that purpose.


out of that list, i believe playable chess(?), billiards, darts(?), and “four-in-a-row” are currently planned!

i wouldn’t be surprised if the air hockey table gets the same treatment too since the billiards table will…


I forgot to mention, we could also really use a condo version of 10 pin Bowling - which should be a Bowling milestone, except for scores do not get committed to leaderboards and units are not earned for playing.


well you can make a legally distinct copyright free version, it’s been done before.

or the basement, I’ve played a few board games in basements.

well to quote a thread i made:
playing cards (maybe a table and seats with it) along with common playing card games (solitaire, poker and it’s variants, bridge, go fish, war etc etc.) games you’d usually play with other people in a none casino setting.