Working Pool Table for Condo

Maybe some working games, like board games, card games, and a pool table?

Could be very entertaining and fun!


There’s gonna be pool for the arcade at some point but I think something like checkers or chess would be ok, it would give me an excuse to hold a virtual date with someone.



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date doesn’t have to refer to romance,

I can set a date to pulverize someone and show them who is the boss of the gym.

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I think the billiards might work better for condos, actually. We’ve been talking about this off and on, but the physics strain on the lobby server would be a bit too intense. We haven’t talked about it for awhile though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was condo only for awhile or always.


I can see how it would be too much and be a little to intense @macdguy . The physics of each ball and how long the match could possible be for would take some beating? I think it would be best to keep it in the condo since there are soo many mini games through the plaza coming up anyway.

cool. what about other stuff like board games, like checkers and chess?

Plus you can already buy cues at the stores! So it sets up the ambiance.

That’s why I love the pool cues. The description is nice with simple detail that defines what you would use it for. It’s very true.

It’s the internet :new_moon_with_face:

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I’ve actually been laying out my basement around having a pool table in the center. I’d already assumed one would be added in the near future since we can already buy pool cues. Would absolutely love to see it in the condos! :grin: