Condo Gadgets: The Future of Condo Minigames

I do remember Mac stating they’d love to add items that help toward making condos a little more advanced so players can design minigames in mind. So I thought I’d list some that could become useful!

Logic Gates:

Incredibly useful for whenever wiring is implemented for some interesting uses with intractable objects.
In basic terms logic gates take an input and if requirements are met they control the output. AND gates require multiple inputs to fire an output, OR gates allow for multiple inputs to interact with the same output and so on.

Tower Unite can have a few unique logic gates to make things interesting such as the EDIT gate, which when it receives an input can change the editable settings of a linked object; such as swapping out an image on a canvas item, rescaling it or changing the colour or brightness of a light.

In addition with some of the suggestions below logic gates and wiring will play an important role in their uses.

These as you can guess, are a type of technology which can detect whatever they are built for and give off an output, akin to logic gates.

Things sensors could be edited to check for:

  • Motion (these can be from physical items like basketballs to players themselves, detect radius is editable).
  • Light (Tracks all light, flashlights from players, light emitting from objects, sunlight. All the good stuff).

Probably one of the most requested things for condos, the ability to choose where players will spawn upon entering and after death. This item will only be visible as a wireframe rectangle (visualising the default player’s size) while holding the inventory button (default is Q) but will otherwise be completely invisible in normal play.

It will override the default spawn location and can be wired to work with logic gates to activate and disable it, with a clever mind and some logic gates you can force players into separate areas with multiple spawners.

##Death Barrier:
As the name claims, it’s a barrier that kills you. It’s an invisible block that can be resized akin to a canvas cube, however like the spawner it’s invisible unless Q is held to prevent it from being seen in normal play. These can be used in conjuction with logic gates and wiring to activate and deactive it, can be used to punish players in parkour maps or whatever the heart desires! (Looking at you lava death pits!)

##LED Screen:
A simple little screen that can show one number with its lights (think of the basketball hoop’s score board).
Can be used alongside logic gates or sensors to increment or decrement a value, LED screens wired to eachother will act as one and thus allow higher numbers to be shown.

##No-Fun Zone:
A flat invisible panel following the same mechanics as the death barrier that can enforce certain conditions the moment the player comes into contact with it, giving the ability to deactive or reactivate conditions for certain areas.

Things the No-Fun Zone could enforce:

  • Toggle jetpack
  • Toggle speedshoes
  • Toggle use of potions
  • Toggle use of guns (confetti, potato, spook, etc).
  • Toggle use of throwables
  • Toggle ability to sprint

That’s all I can come up with, I’m sure there’s plenty of other exciting things the community and/or devs can come up with!

Sounds like a good thing with a mix between a editor and minecraft redstone.


Completely agree with all those suggestions; there’s tons of logic potential for TU. The essentials such as AND & OR gates, proximity sensors, timers/counters and switches/levers could add a whole new level of gameplay to condos and I really hope the devs get round to this in the near future…

A few more gadgets that I think would be great to add include grappling hooks, grapple sensors, object emitters, editable bounce pads, item connectors (Pistons, string etc.). Most of these were from LittleBigPlanet.

Another nice addition could be a material tweaker which lets you change the properties of a certain object such as physics, friction, grabbability, and so on!

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Being able to tie the sensors to interaction with certain objects, like say scoring a point on the basketball hoop or activating the blender would be a neat thing to add to this.

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I am reminded of the Kill Ball from Halo.

Ahem. Ahem-hem. AWHEMEMEMEM fartnoise

Post contraption ideas.

I want a Max canvas/Workshop model that randomly (Timer/Clock, RNG) makes a fart noise. And when someone mashes the fart noise button like mad. In my Jigsaw Escape Room. In my shapeshifting labyrinth. In my dooming mansion castle of evildoing villainy.

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I loved Minecraft’s I/O system with redstone. I loved Starbound’s I/O system with wire. Both added countless hours of gameplay when it was beginning to get stale. I would probably spend all day in my condo wiring up contraptions if and when these logic gates are implemented, it just never seems to get old.


Led screen would be fun