Condo Contraption Suggestions

##Open Question to anyone who’s interested

At the moment I’m looking to design a tool-set for hooking up items in your condo to make contraptions and inventions. I’m thinking buttons, switches, motors, logic gates, speakers, displays, etc.

In the interest of research: What would you want to create with such a system?

Implementation details can be really vague at this point.
Just make a short post explaining what your thing would do and how you’d want it to operate.

Point of clarification: I’m more interested in the sorts of inventions and contraptions you would want to make in your condo, not the specifics of the tools.

So tell me more about what your “High-Five machine” would do and how players could interact with it and less about how “It would be cool if you have a canvas in the shape of a hand that had physics and you could put it on a spring”.

My goal here is to put together a sort of filing cabinet of ideas, and try to build a low-level tool-set that makes those ideas possible. We can’t make every tool and feature ever, so I’m trying to pick the best set of tools to make.

##Some Examples:
Condo ‘Like / Dislike’ button:

  • Connect 2 buttons to 2 LED readouts
  • Clicking one button increases the ‘Like’ counter once
  • Clicking the other button increases the ‘Dislike’ counter once
  • Clicking one button will disable both buttons for the player who used it
  • LED readouts are persistent

Spooky Door:

  • Connect door to a speaker and ‘light controller’
  • When the door is opened, speaker plays a spooky sound and all the condo lights flicker for a second

It’d be great if the logic system could connect with Arcade games. I’d make a control panel that activates things (and possibly get creative with it). In addition, if the logic system could affect Canvases and object positions/trajectories and maybe enable physics or disable collisions, I’d make some animated 2D sprites that walk around. That would probably require input though, which would come from an object.

###Survival Horror

  • A trigger volume that disables player jumping and sets a post processing effect on and some sounds

###Team Basketball

  • Hooking up the basketball hoop score to an item to increment a value (one basketball hoop is team red, other is team blue)

###Laser Maze Game

  • A trigger volume or door that when opened or passed through would start a stopwatch
  • Laser projector that when a player intersects with the laser beam it plays an alarm sound and then stops the stopwatch

###Swapping Canvas

  • A button that switches different canvas images on a single canvas item

###Hooking up the security camera to a screen

###Hooking up the media player to a button or another trigger-able event and playing a video

###Playing a song on a piano in a specific way and it opens a door

###Keypad locked doors

###Firework show

  • Hooking up a delay and sequencer to fire off fireworks at specific times, maybe even synced with a mediaplayer video

###Some ideas I had awhile back…

###And of course stuff like this video really interests me

###And this too (venturing a little off topic but the I/O stuff feeds directly into this)


I’d like to be able to turn the floor into a musical instrument of some sort. like a giant keyboard/synth or something would be cool. Another reason I’d love a soundmixer as an item with all those funky sounds from this:

What I’d like to create:

A single button that could turn on/off all the lights in my condo (or rather change their brightness from min to max and vice versa)

A door that can be remotely locked/unlocked

A media player to which I can add my favorite videos with a press of a button

A greeting/automated message system (when someone enters a room/condo, they’re sent a short message describing it/welcoming them to it)

might add more later

I’ve wanted to make an RPG since my Condos have always been set around a detailed theme and the idea of making a world players can role play as a character and progress in some form interests me.

So if it’s possible to control object positions then it hopefully would be possible to have moving enemies with canvases and randomly generated dungeons/mazes or puzzles. A simple idea would be to stick a button to a canvas, and move the canvas + button around together, players hit the button on the chest to kill the enemy.
Also love generators and automation, creating a generated maze with puzzles inside and once completed it can regenerate itself would be super cool.

It would be a dream if we had a straight up scripting language like Python built in to let us control absolutely everything on the server, whilst being able to set variables for players like HP/MP, levels, abilities, custom inventories, but maybe I’m dreaming too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless of what’s possible yet, an RPG is my goal anyway.


Seeing how big some condos are getting with just one person working on it, I think a way to make a sort of ride/“rollercoaster” to more easily give tours would be great especially with the upcoming ability to work on them with friends. I can only imagine how big they would get then.

An idea I had for the tip jar suggestion some people have been talking about was to possibly connect it to rides you would make in your condo such as the aforementioned rollercoaster.

I like the like/dislike button idea, but would it be possible to have a way to see how many people have entered your condo? On a LED screen maybe?

Change gravity
Playing with trampoline will be fun

Triggers which disable invincibility and some weapon spawn items which periodically spawn an equippable weapon (probably just weapons recycled from the gameworlds, preferably with the ability to toggle which weapons can be spawned at the spawner). It would be fun to have makeshift battle arenas in condos.

Going off of that, multiple gameworld inspired triggers. For example, a trigger that turns you into an infected, the Little Crusaders dragon and knights, puts you in a Ball Race ball, or turns you into the minigolf ball. It might not be the same as making gameworld maps with an editor, but it would be a lot easier for the average player to make their own unofficial gameworld maps using their condos.

Like Mattio said, some scriptable item for super advanced controls.

Death triggers, to give certain areas a dangerous feel.

As has been suggested before, some way to set multiple fireworks up to a single button for a fireworks show, preferably with some way to delay fireworks a predetermined amount to really make it spectacular.


Let us host gameworlds in our condo

Something that I could use to sync up events to a video would be useful for my projection mapping project, with the ability to save programmed sequences

General mini game triggers which include:

  • Team generator item (randomly generates teams based on the input. I.e. number of teams, players per team, etc.)
  • Music player (plays imported music files at different times. For example: main game music when game starts, end game music when game finishes, etc.)
  • Score counter (a point system which can be connected to certain triggers such as ‘on impact’ for physics items, ‘via switch’ for buttons and levers, etc.)
  • Game timer (manual input. triggers music players on start and end. can also trigger doors and other interactive items)

Other ideas:

  • Proximity switch (can affect media players and other interactive items just by players walking near it)
  • Item sliders (moves any item based on input. slide amount can be 1 time - unlimited and other variables can be slide speed and stop speed.)

Since we’re on condo contraptions, the addition of water and water physics would be amazing as we could create fountains, waterfalls, log flumes (with different floating boat types), swimming pools or even waterparks! The possibilities for using water are endless.

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This would be an amazing addition that I imagine people doing great things with.

I think the only way for my idea for my condo to work is to have certain player abilities toggleable with condo i/o, for example:

1. Player finds a flashlight “item” (canvas that looks like a flashlight)
2. Player walks into a trigger, presses button, solves puzzle, etc.
3. Player can now use flashlight just as normally as in lobby.

This could work for crouching, jetpack, weapons, or any player input really.
I also feel there should be a menu in condo to enable/disable these functions, so it can be enabled or disabled from the start.

Anyways, i feel that there are many purposes for this, so hopefully my idea gets put in!

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It would be nice if we could change playermodels with logic, including Workshop content. Furthermore, changing player speed and jump height and possibly color correction for specific players would be nice. Being able to strip weapons and give them is a must. Editing lights, weather controls, and basically every element of the game is a must. Look to Hammer World Editor for some more ideas.

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Player Follower:

  • place a Proximity Detector (can be set to detect the proximity of an individual player) on an object
  • connect the Proximity Detector to a “Object Mover” on the same object
  • the Proximity Detector will return values to the “Object Mover” so that the object will head towards whoever that player

(I have a lot of Ideas for how I would want condo I/O (CondI/O) to work, so I think I will make a dedicated thread)

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Oooohhhh, wiremod in TU i see.

A bunch of sensors such as…

Movement Sensor - Monitors movement around a set radius
Lux Sensor - Detects changes in light
Accelerometer - Can be attached to movable objects (or other players) and can monitor acceleration
Magnetometer - Detects if it’s near magnetic metallic surfaces (can be useful for things like puzzle games)
Laser Sensor - Emits a single beam of light out of a laser diode. Customizable color, detects when someone walks through it.
These sensors could really help in making minigames, or just building cool contraptions. Hell, you could pop all these on some basketball and turn the thing into a sattelite with a control room.


I’d like a tripwire that you can connect to any item in your condo, so if you walk on it, it would make a TV turn on or off, or it could close a door.

Let us hook the basket ballhoop up to open a door or something when you shoot a basket

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I’d like the system to be turing-complete and usable to build Escape the Room like puzzles. Like in that movie franchise with the puppet.

I want to play a game…

Visitors will be stripped of some mechanics like jetpacks but can leave anytime by suicide. They then have to jump around a small parcours to find the objects that don’t belong. Destroying them will reward them with a button. If they press the wrong one, a kill trigger will get them. Only the smart/chosen/truly innocent/pure of heart/one that did not steal my jackpot shall find the button that makes the key drop so they can open the door… Okay I’m not sure if that puzzle sounds fun but you get the idea.