Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


A small neighborhood for community condos


to add onto the above one, the house condo but the whole neighborhood is usable :slight_smile:


Gameworld themed condos. No direct rips from maps like hospital with props everywhere. But smaller original maps themed around the game world. Like a traditional Japanese style home overlooking the map Garden on minigolf. As more maps release this idea will make more sense. For now, I can only provide a few examples.

These condos won’t actually be overlooking live games or anything. They’ll just be themed around the game world.


What about a Bedroom or TV Room with toys?

Somewhere where the PBB Sets could fit well.


what if we had one of the buildings in market or the entire market type place for a community condo

image i found on google:


The ability to turn off the lights in the Resort condo. Sometimes you want your own ambient goodness


I know people have posted Elevator Source related suggestions, but this one’s a little different. You spawn in the lobby room:

You can enter the elevator and it would act just like a regular game of Elevator Source: you go to a bunch of random rooms and eventually reach the apartment. You could set the floor number to 0 (just go straight to apartment) or up to 99 (99 individual rooms). These rooms would be large and empty so you could customize them however you want.

The final floor is this apartment (empty, of course):


i second this, very good idea.


Agreed, great idea.


I would personally prefer this to be part of a Community condo version of Highrise as like, an apartment available in the neighboring building.


(TL;DR a yacht condo)
Reposted this here because I think we need a yacht condo real bad

A new condo idea

Some more condos:
~A mansion
~A cruise ship
~More house variants
~A castle (European/Asian)
~Greek acropolis or temple (would be my personal favorite :smile:)


I came on this thread again for the sole reason of posting this exact suggestion, with these exact influences.
God, I love those kinds of maps


The suite from this video would be a cool condo.


concert hall condo


Arctic Condo


Can the shitty violin music be included?


How about a Matrix Condo?

Just for those surreal TV parties.


you could make a hollow cube of glowing white png canvasses and then a teleporter that teleports you into it




Japanese Shrine Condo