Condo Contest! [August 2019] [Results]

Same here, i really do not know what to make since theres no category at all


We’ll have themes in the future! ^^


I have an idea for a build, but I don’t think I can possibly build it by monday.

On top of that I’ve already spent almost 200k on items I might need so it kinda defeats the purpose lol


Personally I can’t really participate seeing as there’s nothing I can really think of to make, and even then I may not have time. Can’t wait to see what people make lol.


Make sure to get those entries in by Monday, guys!

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After working on this on and off for the past almost 5 days, I’m finished with my submission, a GMod Tower themed race track in Resort:

(Sorry about the framerate, that happens when you have a lot of items in Resort and the only solution is to put shadows on low but that looks weird)

I wanted to make the race track run around as many areas in the Resort as I could, and Resort has a lot of different areas all over the place, so I decided to make a lot of branching paths you can go through. The race track goes into every area in Resort (including the dev HQ, but I didn’t include it in the video since it’s just a bonus thing).
That’s all I had to say about it, so here’s some screenshots now:

EDIT: Steam URL:


Oh, whoops.

Here’s my submission, decided to do something different for once by not using a single canvas item. Took longer than I expected as pallets are quite tedious to make look nice, but I think the result shows for itself~

BEHOLD! Be amazed by the S.S Air Pallet!


This was incredibly tedious to build but very rewarding, a beautiful boat to ride amongst the skies! Learned a lot about the cheap yet beautiful pallets and will probably use them a lot more from here on out.


I’ll not be submitting anything for this competition, but if I make a specific expansion to one of my existing condos that stand on their own, for example a building in my city, would that be able to be accepted?

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Nath said earlier that this would be fine as long as your images show only your new building.



@ThisIsntNath Is there a specific time submissions need to be in by? I’m pushing up against the deadline here.

Says in the OP

I think he Means the Exact time, like 12:30

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Yeah, and time zones

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Presenting… TU_Italy
Port is created based on CS 1.6.

This is still a work in progress and will be completed soon. Hope everyone enjoys!

Steam ID:


My submission: Ball Race Map "Evergreen"
Inspired by the Woodlands map, this Ball Race course features nine levels surrounded by floating islands and colourful trees. The map takes place in a supersized bushy garden with trees climbing to the sky, with giant rocks covering the green-tiled floor.

All levels

Wide shot of all levels from above

Wide shot of trees from below

Colourful lights when the time is night

Video of full playthrough (quality isn’t perfect, my computer can only handle so much)

Music: Asleep in Tokyo - Minikon

Steam ID:

Thanks for checking my submission out!


My submission is my depiction of the Colossus of Rhodes of ancient Greece. It was a real statue that collapsed in 226BC and is one of the Seven Wonders of the world. The “Christ The Redeemer” statue is in Brazil but you know, it looked cool :slight_smile:


Steam URL:


I decided to join pretty last minute, I created a small scene using canvases. It is set in an abandoned world being re-powered by the beacons.



Steam ID:

Hm, let’s say 7PM UK time on Monday. Here’s a time conversion thingy.