Condo Collectables Feature?

I was wondering if we could have a condo collectible feature? As of right now when visiting player condos you are able to chat, listen to music, and kill each other, and although that’s fun I feel there isn’t enough to really keep players interested in playing around your condo.

It would be cool if we could add our own collectible objects via steam workshop like a “gold coin” that players could run around collecting, possibly even being able to trade for trophies, badges, items, and even permissions.

This is the way I picture it.

  • We have a currency object, (similar to the steam workshop item)
    • This object has a few settings such as:
      • Upload Currency Icon
      • Upload Mesh
      • UI Placement (Either top left/right, bottom left/right)

And if we were to enable trading with this currency we could also have an NPC store object (similar to the NPC item/in-game store NPCs.

As for storing items on our characters, maybe we could have a condo collectibles slot added? Even if it’s local/temporary to that condo until you leave?

I think this could be a really fun and interesting feature. So yeah, let me know what you think!

This is actually very close, if not exactly what is planned for condo IO.

I am planning on making a per condo save currency that players can earn via condo IO logic.

You can customize the name of the currency, the icon, and HUD placement.

I do also like the idea of having an item be Condo Currency which is a placeable item that would display the currency that is active on the condo and players can pick it up.


Awesome, I’m looking forward to it! Keep up the great work!


thanks for the awesome information.


What would condo currency even be spent on?

i have a feeling that it would be used as an alternative way to “trigger” objects (ex: spending 30 “currency” to purchase a key that opens a door)…

i wonder if players would be able to make actual custom “items” (moreso tags that are saved on the player to do certain things, like attaching a “hasKey” tag to the player so that you “have a key”…)


Well, anything really. I can’t see why we can’t make our own items to sell in our condo. Your condo could have unique items, vehicles, permissions, cosmetics, etc.

The way I picture it is almost like a game within the condo itself. So for instance, if I built something like Hogwarts, you could collect the Bertie Beans and buy wizard cards, brooms, custom spells, etc.

But even collecting in the sense of “collect coins to open this door” would give players a sense of progression rather than visiting someone’s house for 30 seconds and leaving.

Entire games and franchises have been built on the idea of the “collect this and get that” concept. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a HUGE element to the game, but a nice addition to it.

I have worked as a 3D environment artist for 15 years and thought it would be cool to make little items in the game to give to people for fun. So, Instead of a rocket launcher, maybe you could model a wand and create custom particles/colours for it.

Custom collectiable currency could go a long way in this game, espcially with themed condos. It has serious potential and I personally can’t wait to see what people do with it.


custom items like that on that kind of scale would be nice, but i feel like something like that wouldn’t happen considering how much work would have to be done for players to create and especially program their own custom items

i could always be wrong and mac may just be a crazy man! but i feel like what would happen is you could select from a certain list of items already pre-programmed to add to your inventory for that condo, for example purchasing a 9mm you could use in that condo regardless of whether or not you have the milestone

there could maybe be a few other items you can’t gain via milestones or whatever, maybe SDNL weapons for instance you can pick up…

unfortunately i just can’t see super crazy custom items like that happening, but it would be super cool if we did get that kind of support!!

Yes for sure. With IO you can give them currency, or spend. Each event would be something you can then trigger, such as a door opening. I also will have a way to compare currency so you could open doors based on if they have enough of the currency. It could also be used for really anything, could use currency to denote class types, special HP, or really anything else such as just how many hidden items you’ve found.


super cool stuff to know!! i’m very excited for condo i/o, can’t wait until we start getting this stuff in the game!

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I don’t think it really has to be that complex.

They could literally create blueprints for custom items i.e:

  • ground vehicle blueprint
  • flying vehicle blueprint
  • melee weapons blueprint
  • ranged weapons blueprint
  • magic weapons blueprint
  • particle blueprint

So if I wanted to make a custom flying vehicle I would load the flying vehicle blueprint, load in the new model, change the position, scale, etc.


oh yeah that… totally works much better than i was thinking oops

in that case i really hope something like this happens!

Will there be the ability to have multiple condo currencies per condo save? Or just the one per save?
As I feel the option to have multiple could be beneficial to track progress in say a campaign condo, while another is used primarily as currency to aid in progression.

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i totally hope so, mac did say you could use currency as something like special HP so i’m imaaaagining that’s the case, it would be very unfortunate if you had to pick between money, special HP, etc etc

gosh, thinking of all the possibilities that could be done with this is giving me goosebumps…

While we’re on the topic, what is the extent of the flexibility planned for condo customisation? Will it reach the extents of Roblox, Dreams, Core, Fortnite creative mode…?

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i remember mac saying once that he wants to make condo i/o be as extensive if not more than hammer editor

that’s a lot to promise, but if the team gets close to that i’d be so freaking happy…

even then, we have incredibly talented and creative players who could do SO MUCH with the slightest implementation… (i mean, already THIS is nuts!)

(also, he said deathrun would totally work and that makes me SUPER hyped…)


The goal is to be something like Hammer editor, but in real time and with the condo tools we have. The core goal however is that anyone can use it and it’s easy to follow, but powerful.

As for how customized…

You’ll have objects that control logic, objects that listen for events, objects that fire events, objects custom made for games (keys, keypads, doors, pickups, hp, weapon pickups, vehicle transformers). Pretty much every item will have inputs or outputs or both. For example the Piano might have an output for playing the correct song, which you could setup using the edit feature and then wire it to a secret passage. Things like Canvas will also have IO support.

With Workshop we already have custom model importing (and workshop loading will be continuously improved). With canvas we already have custom textures and we plan to have more built in ones that can be used creatively.

For gameplay, we will have game rules you can override to set what happens when a player dies, spawns, team modes, camera type (fps, thirdperson, etc), movement speeds, gravity, etc. I’m still fine tuning how game play rules are assigned as I have heard feedback about wanting to apply game rules within volumes.

For everything else, additional workshop tools will be eventually rolled out, allowing you to make custom items or weapons.

Granted, all of this will be rolled out in phases. But the total sum will equal to a very powerful editing suite. Gizmo focus has been also for preparing for this stuff, and also helps improves building in general.


I can make it a list of currencies, probably max out at 10 or something.