Computer overheat

I know this is my computers problem but when I play for 1 hour my computer overheats and then shuts down. Do you have any suggestions (I have a laptop)?

get a fan, plug it in, point it at your laptop.

(i’m not kidding, i’m using one right now).

I have one :smiley:

Oh a real one

well mine’s a mini fan running off my shittier laptop, but it still counts.

Lower Graphics settings to reduce how much your graphics card has to do.

Maybe reduce the priority and affinity of the process in Task Manager, it might affect how well the game runs but it will reduce the usage of the CPU which lowers temperature.

Close any programs that you aren’t using such as Internet browsers, video editors, writting programs and other games. You will only need Steam running to run TU.

Temperature of your surroundings is also important, if you got your laptop under a bedsheet in an enclosed room that is kept at 80°C by a large heater then your pc will quickly overheat, so maybe open a few windows and create some air circulation, or go outside if it’s cooler outside.

There are also programs that can monitor your computers temperature and warn you if it’s about to overheat and/or shutdown, this will help you avoid having to start up the computer after it shuts down.

If possible you can try playing the game on a stationary pc, or a laptop that is better equipped to deal with the requirements of the game

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^^^^^ but make sure if you lower your graphics settings put on vsync or a frame limiter otherwise your GPU will still work at it’s hardest no matter the settings

@Heavysteam This is kinda my main reason for always preferring towers over laptops.

I got a kootek cooler pad about 2 months ago because my computer kept overheating. My computer has been performing better since then.

If your laptop is older, try replacing thermal paste (see tutorial on youtube or ask someone to do it for you, if you don’t know).

Maybe there’s lots of dust inside your laptop