Community Condo bank

My suggestion for the Community Condos would be to add a Condo Bank so that everyone from the Community can donate so that the owner can extend the Condo.

If the condo owner wants to extend the condo, they should play the game. That’s the point of the currency system, to encourage gameplay. If stuff like this is implemented people wouldn’t play the games as much because they could just be handed money.


It should also be considered that when community condos are out, multiple people can build on the same server. The cost of making large projects is also gonna be divided amongst however many people are working on it, meaning lower costs per person. For this reason and what @The_Sink_God said, I don’t think we need a donation feature in the game.


That idea wasn’t related to Community Condos, though.

Does it make a difference in practice? You’d have to enforce usage for condo extension.

I suppose not, but the suggestion itself is still technically different.

Technically I never explicitly suggested they’re identical and just linked a similar discussion. I guess everyone wins?

Fair enough