Tip jar for condos

A tip jar for condos
Allowing you to send Units to condo owners


Meh, I don’t see much of a point for this. You can also just send Units to the condo owner using a send-units-to-people feature which is to 99.999463764% likely to be in the game.

It’s easier, faster, and people are more likely to donate if you slap the jar in their face

I like the Tip Jar idea, could be good for busking as well. You could play an instrument in the lobby and if people like your music they can tip you easily.

While the “send-units-to-people” system will definitely be a thing, The tip jar would enable you to tip someone without having to find them in a player list / interact with their character in the game directly.


Haha Kite is gunna make hella bank doing this! xD

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like a person using a guitar
and people put the money in a guitar case

One thing, what if people loop pre-recorded stuff? That could be a problem. @Zak

Don’t tip them?

unless you like looped pre-recorded stuff.

It would be awesome if you could tip people things besides unites because as you know I already have too much money so I want things such as tickets from the arcade or season passes for the next call of duty.

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