clickable media players

In condos, media players can display any website, which can allow for watching any video on any website… in theory. Most video-playing websites I test don’t let you actually watch the video as you usually need to click a little play button or something to actually start it. If condo admins had the option to click in the browser media players use, this could make all those websites fully usable. I guess you could also use this to play some browser games or whatever but I just want to watch videos man.

This is quite a regular repeated suggestion.
Full web-browser support inside of display sources
[Maybe too difficult] Integrated Web Browser TV Media Player
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Media player needs to use Steam browser again

There’s more but a big problem is the chromium used for TU’s media players, it does not support h.264 codec which is what most media uses nowadays. So a lot of websites break (you can even try this yourself by slapping certain links into media player, some work, some don’t). And to have such a codec, costs money, per user. Which just gets astronimically expensive.

However, Media players used to use Steam browser, and we’re still waiting on a fix which was related to Youtube ads causing issues. Till then, we wait, but I can imagine Media players will at some point have a browser option. It’s just syncing it all that sounds like a nightmare.

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