Clarification Regarding Canvas and TV Playlist Media

Hi there everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. This may be a silly question but I thought I’d ask just to be sure. Is it okay to use images for canvas-based items for content we do not have the rights to? This also extends to playing YouTube video or SoundCloud media we also do not have the rights to. I assume all this falls under “Fair Use” since it’s being used in a game where the user isn’t going to profit from it but I just thought I’d be sure.

Additionally, I also have a question regarding streaming. I’d like to stream Tower Unite via Discord and/or Twitch. I like to host group events and figured I’d stream some condo activities. Now, if the aforementioned question falls under “Fair Use”, would this same principle apply if I streamed the game via a platform like Discord or Twitch? I figure Twitch would probably mute audio but what about Discord? Since the media is coming through another game that allows for support of media like that, would I be breaking any kind of Terms of Use/Service with Discord if I did that?

I’m not sure where to ask this so I’ll probably ask if elsewhere too but I like to be safe when hosting events and make sure all my guests, and me included, are staying legal. Thank you for your time!

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To answer your first question, condos aren’t moderated at all, so you can put whatever you want on canvases or media players. I’m not really sure about streaming stuff though, sorry

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There are no copyright rules for what you’re able to put on canvases or media players in Tower (that I’m aware of), so just be mindful of the rules on the platform you’re steaming to.

Devs have said you can put anything in your condo that is legal to put in your condo–no infringement, underage lewds, that idea.

I don’t think they even moderate that. Usually when someone says they found that sort of thing in a condo the devs have told them to just report it to the image hosting site the image is on

They have said they do. It’s been expressed as a concern more than once and they will take action against anything illegal.

This is accurate. We don’t moderate condos as they are user hosted servers. Image hosts should be the ones you contact in regards to content being hosted - as they are the ones hosting it.

I had understood from the Discord and in other places on the forum that things like underage lewds were to be reported to you guys.