Chat bug

Hey there.

I am currently having an issue regarding my chat.
Whilst I like to chat with text, I am having an issue with the fact that certain messages simply don’t get sent and like 5-10 minutes later (after I’ve said a bunch of other stuff) there’s this huge wall of text with messages that simply stacked up.

It’s weird though, my internet isn’t that bad and I did not have this problem before I took a break from the game.

Ports are forwarded, anti-virus doesn’t meddle with TU and no firewall issues.

Same thing for me

There can be multiple causes to the chat lag.

Your service provider can be having issues, such as there being a heavy load on the network which means they wont be able to forward the messages you send/receive to and from the game server as quickly as they normally can.
The server itself can also be having trouble keeping up with all the people that are playing and chatting with each other.

These issue can usually fix themselves by not pushing the servers and computers beyond their limits all the time and letting them process whatever they are supposed to process.