Charged 150k 2 times for 1 condo

I just bought the house condo but for some reason it charged 150k 2 times meaning it tool away 300k instead of 150k.

When i checked out it said that the transaction failed, i therefore tried to press checkout again which then worked, but i’m now left will 300k less than i started with.

Video evidence is provided below:

If you log into Tower Express (accessible via the Esc menu in-game or via, you should be automatically refunded for the duplicate condo, if you were charged in the first place.

However, there is (or was, not sure if fixed) a bug where you visually get charged double, but you don’t actually get charged. In that case, you just need to restart your game and your unit count should update.


Ahh thank you very much, seems like that was the issue.