Character creator

I think it would be cool if the base character creator had more customisation options like more clothes tattoos, facial features and curly hair and stuff, the workshop is cool but I don’t want to rely on it. It’s fun to make a sort of picture character in game.

We’re on track to get more NPC models done, and we hope to reuse some of the work on the NPCs to create a more interesting default player model. Once we get that going, we can start adding customizations to the new default player models such as hair and clothing.


Heya Meki!

I was about to say that for a long time, since I left behind my archives for so long. I prefer the three section for the character creator like the body, face, and the clothing. Not the bare bone Pokemon-style stuff (like choose either a male or female, and pick from four different skin tone).

Or else something like the Sims 3 character creator since they have at least 5 sections, like the makeup, and the personality. Just saying.