Casino Suggestions // Bug Report

Poker; suffers from 3 major glitches that makes it absolutely broken
and in my opinion unplayable.

  1. There are no “splits” whenever someone else has the same hand of cards. So
    it either chooses someone at random, or someone who has a “higher suite”.
    In real poker, splits are used to balance the pot between two people or more.

  2. When someone disconnects without properly leaving the table; the table glitches out and the remaining players are forced to disconnect in order to fix the table. As a result of this, I’ve experienced an incident where the pot has gone up to 300k+ Units, someone disconnected, and all of that money is gone into the abyss because of that.

  3. There’s also the glitch where someone would run out of money, and still be able to
    play, ultimately not contributing to the pot. This makes it really annoying especially since they can keep raising, forcing you to contribute to the pot without them having to spend anything.
    There should be a booting system that kicks players out of the table once they have run out of money to play.

  4. (BONUS) Majority of the time you don’t see the amount of money that you’ve lost, until you win a pot; so as a result you’ll never know when to stop, before it’s too late. Having a live feed of the amount of money deducted from your wallet, can come in really handy in the Casino especially with Poker. It’s not super game breaking that’s why it’s a bonus.

Now I understand that the currency in Tower Unite isn’t real money; but a lot of people invest time into the game, enough till the point where things get sentimental, and all of a sudden the fake currency gains value, because time is money. People will get devastated over losing because of these glitches. It’s not because of the crippling gambling addiction; you are losing money, because the developers didn’t patch it yet.

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afaik the casino not having a losses stat is completely intended.

I think that’s just talking about slot machines, I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t have something like that for poker, or at the very least a live count of your units (Though the laggy unit counter may be a bug more than anything).

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I may have reported this in the past, however your topic is a lot more descriptive and includes more than what I wrote, so instead I’ll have your bug report as preference to said issue instead. This one’s way better.

In response to net losses, I really disagree with showing net losses; it’s completely redundant since you’re more likely to get the highest loss if you have the highest winnings. It’s also a good way to tell others just how unlucky you are or gloat at how lucky you are.

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