[] Poker Hand Kicker Priority

In No-Limit Hold-Em, the card priority is made of the best 5-card poker hand. If two players have the same type of hand, the game should go down each highest card of that hand set, and only when the actual hands match (i.e. both have two pairs, Jacks and Threes), should it go down the rest of the cards.

Scenario 1:
Player 1 has 3 6 of hearts
Player 2 has J 9 of hearts
Community is 3 6 or clubs, A K 4 of hearts.
The winner should be Player 2, but for some reason credits Player 1.

Scenario 2:
Player 1 has 6 hearts 5 Clubs
Player 2 has 6 Diamonds 2 Clubs
Player 3 has 4 Spades 3 Hearts
Community is J Spades J Diamonds Q Hearts Q dianmonds 4 Spades
The winner should be both Player 1 and Player 2, but the game prioritizes Player 1 and gives them the win. In this scenario, it should be a split pot.

Long story short, poker should be giving priority to the kicker cards of the players’ best 5-card poker hands when necessary.

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