Casino: Shared Jackpot for WOM



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  • Create LED panel for showing jackpot amount
  • Create jackpot instance for all the machines to reference into
  • Machines feed into jackpot instance when playing
  • Jackpot instance handles jackpot payout
  • Global chat message

imagine spending 20 hours on 1 WOM machine and having carlos.gonzales.2007 walk in and instantly win the jackpot


That’s not even gonna be a possible scenario anymore. Since the jackpots are shared, they are gonna accumulate way faster, so that it wont take anywhere near 20 hours to get a jackpot. I believe Mac said people could be winning jackpots a few times an hour. But they are gonna be proportionally lower too. This is gonna be a great system.


That’s gambling for you. And it sounds way more fun and user-friendly than the current system.

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Awwww yeah! Hopefully now people wom’t keep complaining about losing their seats.


Love the idea of this system. Jackpots on WoM were always impossible for me because as a working adult I didn’t have enough time to devote to a casino machine for that long. The reduced jackpots will hopefully keep the economy balanced too though there’s already plenty of 'gold’sinks (which is a good thing) already.


I’d like to be online when this update hits for those super jackpots we will get from it lmao…

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Agreed. I don’t have enough time to devote to a machine either, so having more frequent, albeit lower value jackpots, is perfectly fine with me. And i feel like it will make everyone feel more involved since everyone contributes together towards ‘the pot’.

To add to the growing list of reasons this will be awesome, the casino will finally feel like a casino. No more claiming jackpots and just waiting to get them.

im just imagining the slot machines surrounding one single giant wheel of money

so itd actually be kinda like wheel of fortune

When I return to make more Casino games, I really want to make a giant spinning wheel and you bet on what it will land. Basically, a simplified roulette.


RIP 30 Mil jackpots

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I’m personally fine with that. I won a $7.5 million jackpot earlier this year and still have like $1.5 million i don’t know what to spend on lol.

Well, soda cans.
Then you could build a giant castle out of them and make yourself the “King of Soda” or something like that.
Well or you could buy a boatload of catsacks and make a "Giant Mega Death Robot"™ of them.

Technically, unless they change the algorithm to increase the chance of you winning the jackpot it wont change much, you might have 10 people going after a machines jackpot but it’s not really gonna change the chance of winning for the individual person, the machine could still reach 20 million if no one is lucky enough to get a favorable outcome when they get a spin.


You have 10 people trying for the same jackpot, though. That’s basically like rolling 10 times at once.


That is true, although my point is that the chance of winning more or less stays the same for the player, which means you could end up with a machine with a high jackpot from time to time.

I can’t wait for that long, Errybody get into the car, we’re going to the future!

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Everyone shares the jackpot though so all 10 people will get it if one manages to win it. Makes it more of a team effort and increases everyone’s chance x10 which is significant.

Edit: I was wrong, my bad

Only the person who wins the jackpot will… well, actually get it. I’m pretty sure. Don’t see why it should work differently.

I would much rather have everyone at the machines share the jackpot, this way people will come together to win it, rather than fight one by one and most likely get toxic when someone else wins it :new_moon_with_face:

I also think it would be an cool idea to make all wheels act as one (or have one big wheel) so when you get a spin you can spin the wheel and whatever it lands on gets paid out to all the players. for this you would probably have to make spins rarer so it isn’t spammed constantly, and to counter the effects of that you could increase odds of getting good prizes.