Casino: Shared Jackpot for WOM

You are totally right, I must have been super sleep deprived when I read Macs comment about it in the other thread. Woops

No matter how you slice it, even if it’s split amongst everyone currently contributing, you’ll still encounter toxic situations where people will complain that they were on the machine for 2 hours and XX player hopped on for 30 seconds and got an equal share of the win.

I think I’d rather have that than have carlos.gonzales.2007 hop on for 30 seconds just to take the whole pot.


Hopefully a safegaurd can be implemented that prevents a jackpot before at least the first 5-10 minutes of playing because that’d really suck
Other than that, this sounds promising!

Unexpected from a casino…

This is a great idea. I was kind of hoping though that they would keep “some” of the machines as-is and add a shared section.

I know a lot of people are complaining about how they spend several hours/days on a machine and someone might come along and win it in 5mins. But this isn’t a solution to that case. That same person could be sitting there for several hours/days feeding into the shared jackpot and someone could still sit down on the machine next to them and win the entire thing in the first 5-10mins of playing. People will still get upset regardless of how it’s done.

This is a solution however to people fighting over one machine and that’s why I’m looking forward to it. I like the idea of multiple machines competing to the same progressive jackpot. I do hope though that the “Progressive Jackpot” is a lot higher when it resets. Maybe have it start out at 100,000 credits. Thumbs up!

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Wait so with this will the jackpot credit default be down? It starts at like 20K I believe, if it doesn’t go down people will just load up with money on this.

this got updated to releasing soon

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How will this work? Will all the jackpots be connected and whenever someone wins everyone gets a part of it? Like, if there are 5 players and a 1,000,000 Unit jackpot, every player receives 200,000 Units?

No, all the machines share the same jackpot and all contribute to the jackpot. When someone wins the jackpot, they get the rewards. This should make wheel of money jackpots more common, at the cost of lower jackpot amounts (as discussed above)

I love how people with little to no understanding of statistics claim that this will make it more common for jackpots to be won.

The amount of the jackpot (and how it got there) is statistically independent from the chances of an individual getting the Jackpot. More Jackpots will be given out (100% compared to like 10%) from all given machines, because there is only “one” machine left… but if 10 people play, still only 1 earns the jackpot with the same chance. The only thing this will do is make jackpots on average bigger (although standard deviation might be lower too) because no machines will be left with a jackpot noone ever trys to win because its too low - all money spend on all WoM will go into the jackpot from now on.

The only real advantage this has is that you can’t camp on machines - which is pretty cool.
This is all given with the knowledge thats currently public… The Dev’s might increase the chance of an individual winning the jackpot or something.

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I do have little to no understanding of statistics but I’m not stupid. If you scrolled up just a little bit, then you’d read this

Yes, that analogy doesn’t mean anything though. Even if 10 people spin their own wheel (like it is now), its also like 10 people rolling their dice simultaniously, they just compete for different rewards.

Its always 10 people rolling 10 dice at once, setting a shared reward doesn’t change that, as I said its statistically independent (see

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yeah but, if it’s 10 people on one machine, then the overall chance of that machine outputting a jackpot is higher than if it was 10 people on 10 different machines. the chance of it giving a jackpot is higher for the machine, for the individual they still have the same chance

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