Canvas Templates

A long time ago there was some dude who figured out the perfect The guy’s thread, he’s a cool dude for things like the bodypillow and the DVD case and the like. I’ve been looking, but I’ve had no luck finding any such templates for the primitives. The cube one, specifically, as that’s the one I want to use. I have no idea which way a flat image wraps around it, and my google-fu has not helped in the slightest. I’m having the darndest time by just trial and error.

Any ideas?

The cube doesn’t unfold. The canvas image you apply to it is placed on each face.

I think it would be a great feature to add support for this though, I have a lot of cube shaped things that aren’t the same on all sides


For the DVD cases, you can usually just google “<movie> dvd cover” and paste the link straight on. If the picture looks like this, you’ve done good.

Like Cakemagic said though, the cube doesn’t unfold. The image is just represented on each side, it doesn’t stretch over various sides. 1:1 should work if you’re just working with a square.

Welp, that ruins my idea until we can add different images per face. I remember Mac saying he was probably going to add that. So now the waiting game begins!