Canvas Megathread: how make perfect canvas using templates

Hello everyone. first of all, this guide was planned for version of TU, so some things may not work as they should.

-Photoshop(recommended) or a good image editor.
-All templates:

Well, let’s begin:


All canvas work with an aspect ratio 1:1 so to make an image look good you need to edit a bit the pictures.
but that’s not all, for horizontal and vertical shapes is necessary to accommodate the image using the aspect ratio 1:1

Example of a bad size:

And after the fixing the size:


with the templates you can give the style of classic poster GMT.

Body Pillows

Make perfect body pillows.


Or make the classic obama cutout.


Or you can have a gaming mousepad.

DVD cover

And a good movie:


A perfect frame:



you need to have an alpha in the cutout and save it with the extention PNG to work properly in the game.

##Note 2:
It is highly recommended to use the website: not required to be user to upload pictures.

if you want that the canvas are positioned correctly, you have to make the 2 lines of the center form an “L”.

this applies to the mousepad and the DVDcover but not for BodyPillows, you need to form an inverted “L”.

you can make random canvas image using this website:
more detailed explanation in this post: How to make a random canvas image


if you have any ideas or suggestions to expand this post, feel free to comment. Thank you for reading.


Shows Adam Sandler

Anyways, thanks. Will be useful to some peeps.

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For canvasses this is unnecessary with the new update ( since we have x and y scaling now.

It’s still in a sense relevant, scaling does some odd things with frames

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These are still pretty good to use for the body pillow, mousepad and DVD cover since they don’t allow you to scale manually, but yeah canvases are much easier to handle now.

damke, it helped me get this done:


Maybe you could make a template for the shrine too, this one looks specific too no?

There can’t really be a template for the shrine since, unlike everything else, it stretches the image into place rather than cropping. As long as the image is around 9:16 (like 16:9 but vertical), it shouldn’t get cut off.

I want to do it. But i dont want to and i dont have 50k units

I got it for the money part but that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:

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