Canvas Cache Not Saving/Requiring Redownload of Images

So tonight, I attended the Bone Zone, which has plenty of canvases. Usually they all load for me, but each time I’d reconnect tonight, I’d have to redownload all of the images, despite none of them being changed, nor were any of my canvas cache settings. Half of the images would never load.

Is this a new bug? Or does the canvas cache eventually fill up? I’d rather not have to clear it entirely, because of my slow internet making loading canvases a pain. Is there any way around it?

The canvas cache system will only automatically save canvases to cache if you are friends or you have trusted the condo.

These are my canvas settings, and they haven’t changed at all since the canvas cache was added.

It was working perfectly fine until tonight, where it simply stopped saving any of the images. The condo was trusted, but I blocked and re-trusted to try and load some images. Would blocking a condo’s canvases mess with the cache at all?

Blocking will delete the canvas cache for that condo.

Ah. That’d explain it then lol. Alright, good to know haha :grimacing: Thanks!