Can't load everything in friend's condo

Sorry if this isn’t the right place for this question or if it’s been answered already, but when I join my friend who has a lot of canvas items in their condo it only loads around half the items before not loading the rest. The blue loading boxes will be there, but the game will never load them. I tried with and without caching on, with him trusted, clearing my cache, and validating integrity of game files. Is this a problem on our end? Any way to fix this?

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I have pretty slow internet and have noticed that this happens quite often for me, but when I’m somewhere with a faster connection it doesn’t happen.

It seems most likely that a game update for something else has interupted the workshop download.
Which leads to tower unite not being able to finish downloading workshop items until the game update has been downloaded, which by default won’t happen if a game is running.
Here’s the fix for said issue:

Interesting, I’ll be sure to check next time I join his condo. Thanks for the response!

I feel like I have some sort of limit, because I see it downloading all the workshops stuff but after a bit it just stops. And once it does that I can’t download any more workshop stuff from anyone, condo stuff or models.