Can't find the option to enable particles

I think i disabled particles a long time ago, somehow, but now that i want them back i can’t find the option. I’m either terribly blind or missing something.

this is what it looks like when i use the flamethrower in ZM


I think particles are effected by the effects quality setting. You have it on high though so idk if switching it up to ultra would do much

Nope, hasn’t changed anything :frowning:

just put everything on max, still no particles

If you’re on DX10, try switching to DX11 (should be able to switch if you launch the game directly from the Steam library).

I always open the game on DX11

What’s the line in the game.ini line to edit particles?

Alright y’all, nobody seemes to know the answer to my problem. What fixed it was simply deleting gameusersettings, game.ini and engine.ini and then opening up the game again. I still don’t know what file was the culprit, but that’s one way to fix it.