Can't access the game


When I click the play button the crash comes out instantly there is no other thing happens and I can’t upload the I don’t know why but please help me


You can try a few things;

  • Have you looked at the minimum/recommended PC requirements on the Tower Unite store page? If your PC runs under the requirements, that is most likely the problem.

  • Try re-installing the game, that sometimes helps.


already re-installed the game and I’ve launched the game before without any problem before this problem


Okay, maybe try closing your other programs if they’re open. E.g - Another game, Chrome etc.


Is there no data or what exactly do you mean by “can’t”? What observation during the process of uploading lets you know it doesn’t work?


I think he means he can’t upload it to this site itself.
You can try uploading it to dropbox/google drive/MEGA or zippyshare instead.

#7 here the minidump


Did not change anything


So i just decided to look at the error dump for fun, and now i really gotta ask.
Devs, what the hell is this?

MemoryStats.TotalVirtual>140737488224256 <- This literally converts to 131071.99988 GB worth of RAM, that’s 128 Terabytes.
How did his pool get so large?


Please delete your ClientPlayerData2 folder which is located in your Tower Unite steam folder. To get there, right click on Tower Unite on your Steam library and hit properties and then browse local files.