Can you please contact Nvidia Geforce Now?

I want them to put your game on their supported games list so I can use a rig and play it. I really love this game and I just want to be able to play it on my mac.


Please can someone reply to this I hate not being able to play the game on my mac…

I’m afraid the game’s simply not ready yet. There’s still plenty of stuff to add and optimize; one reason official Mac and Linux builds haven’t been properly made/supported yet is because it’s a lot easier to iterate on the game with just one OS version than try to do the same over multiple. For now, I’m afraid you’ll just need to wait until support is added closer to the release, whenever that date becomes more clear cut.


Either that or buy a Windows, which is a superior computing machine.


Not that I want to be that guy, but it’s often not as simple as just “buying a Windows”

putting on mac won’t be their top priority at the moment, i know most people would say the same thing and sound like a broken record, but you better off buy windows desktop or cheap laptop if you want to play TU this badly.

plus im pretty sure macs aren’t ment to be for gaming anyways.


I’m pretty sure Nvidia Geforce Now is a streaming thing (Like Google Stadia). He’s asking about support for Nvidia Geforce Now with Tower Unite specifically, which I believe may have existed before, but has since been discontinued for whatever reason (Not anything to do with support for Mac OS).


What’s the appeal of buying a Mac? I’ve never understood.

He can program you a Tower Unite. :smile_cat:

If every piece of hardware you use is Apple, it might make sense to have an environment of stuff that just knows each other, also if you’re in the creative industry your colleagues could help you troubleshoot better because they might be in the same situation.

Other than that, I can’t think of a logical reason. I don’t get why you’d need a monitor stand that’s worth a gaming PC. I don’t get how Apple cools their devices.


Man, it’s painful reading how derailed this thread got…

Anyways, since I still see people bringing it up from time to time, and it isn’t really worth its own thread, I’m bumping this one with an official response:


This is a snippet from the overall conversation, but the gist is: GeForce Now supporting Tower Unite had seemingly nothing to do with the devs, Caboose wasn’t even aware of it until he heard people talking about how support was dropped, and it was seemingly only supported through some bundle of Steam games.

With that being the case, them contacting Nvidia isn’t super viable, considering they never had any sort of agreement to begin with, and whatever the reason Tower Unite got dropped was, it doesn’t seem likely they could reverse that decision.

It seems like some people are reaching out to support, but it’s unclear if they’ll respond, or bring TU back any time soon.