Can we put a tax on tower express?


tower express can be one of the main reasons the lobby is so dead.

this is a problem, to try and encourage people to use the plaza more often we should but a 15% - 25% tax on the tower express website, just my thoughts.


that would kinda ruin the main idea of tower express, since it’s made to make it easier
adding a tax to pay would just make people not go to tower express.

imagine this, you have saved up 2M units, and want to go to tower express to buy catsacks or stuff, and in reality you just wasted 500k units on taxes


but see what i mean here, they CAN still go to the plaza, if they are gonna make a mass payment like that they would go to the plaza, so that tax would’nt screw them over.

what takes more time?

a website?

or a interactive world, filled with customisation and shops.

people should only really (in my opinion) be using towerexpress for small things like a chair they forgot to pick up.


it’s really just loading into the plaza for 5 minutes and then walking to the store and buying the stuff, and with a LIMIT

tower express is mostly used to make mass payments.
it’s basically like walking to the store if you can just go to a website and buy it instantly


I believe they’ll be implementing sales that only occur in the plaza stores as a way to encourage people to shop in the plaza.


Yes that is true


the whole point of express is the ability to buy things without loading the plaza because for a lot of people that can take a long time and it’s annoying to go and have to do that just because you didn’t buy a single prop.

I also don’t think it’s a reason the plaza is ““dead””, I’m pretty sure the plazas were about just as active before express

don’t put taxes in videogames


oh i forgot this, this was great in gmt


At peak hours there’s plazas with 20+ people in them, I don’t really think they’re dead.


considering theres 64 slots, 20 is a bit ehh.

but still i can see you point.


What’s the point of having taxes in Tower Express?
There’s no point.


The tax of Tower Express is that when the Plaza starts having store sales, Tower Express won’t be participating in them, so during a sale it would be cheaper to go to the Plaza.


well put, that seems like a fair way of dealing with it.


I wonder if the site should tell us when shops have discounts in games?


I think thats the point, i think tower express should be used as a “Oh shit i forgot i really needed this one specific item for a decoration im doing, but i dont want to quit my condo and load into the lobby to go get it” thing. not a mass “let me buy 1k catsacks” thing.


you can’t buy items from “The Stray” on tower express, it was intentionally removed from tower express


Yeah, i forgot about that, i just wanted to give an example


People checking into the plaza and leaving again in 5 minutes isn’t going to make it any more active.


i think the only situation this may have worked is if it was like lobby 1 one where you are already 30 seconds away from the paza in your condo, but now it just takes too long and is a bad idea.


To be honest I’d spend more time in plaza for some solid events that are fun and pay decently, those milestones related to plaza activities and sales.
Just some good incentives to be in plaza to start with would be perfect.