Can we put a tax on tower express?


Totally agree. That’s exactly why I spent so much time just hanging around the lobby in gmt. There were good reasons to. The fun events, store sales, milestones. There were incentives to actually be in the lobby (as opposed to hanging out in a condo or just immediately making a b-line for the gameworlds).

As of now, there’s so many more reasons to just not go to the plaza. Can start condo and gameworlds from the menu, can shop on tower express, can watch media in condo. Really the only long term reason to even go to the plaza is the casino.

With a wider variety of events, store sales, and milestones, hopefully that’ll actually give people a reason to stay in the plaza


I wouldn’t be too opposed to the idea, since every time I go to the plaza to buy something, I always run into some strange thing that’s going on, so if it did push people to go to the plaza some more that’d be fine by me, however I feel like they’d have to implement this along with a plaza optimization or rework so it doesn’t take 5 minutes to load into.


It wouldn’t push people into going to the plaza more, it’d just annoy people.
Either way it’s not happening. Plaza will get sales, Express won’t.