Can this laptop run TU?


if so then how good? settings and fps?

Acer Nitro 5 15,6" Full HD matt
GeForce GTX1050,Core i5-7300HQ,8GB RAM,256GB PCIe SSD,Windows 10 Home

Or if this one is overkill i just want a laptop that can run the game on medium settings with decent fps.


Based on what i could find in terms of minimum requirements and the benchmarks on the parts you have listed:

Id wager you should be able to run the game with your settings at high, you can propably push it higher than that but you might run into some lag spikes here and there if you push it too high.


My Lenovo Y50 worked fine for running TU at decent graphics (GeForce GTX 960M card), but ever since my graphics card stopped working I’ve found that TU is still playable on integrated. I have everything on minimal graphics and the resolution scale at one, but it honestly hasn’t really impacted my ability to play all that much. Performance has certainly suffered (around 30 FPS in gameworlds and 15 in lobby with the aforementioned minimal graphics), but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the game.

In other words, that setup looks like it’ll be fine.


definitely have to agree with @Arkive86
I play on a laptop with a GTX 960M and it can play on high settings with decent fps (I actually run on turbo but I still get over 30 fps usually)