Can I get some items removed from my inventory?

I seen in the discord that if you go to high on items, your items won’t show in-game. I’m currently getting this problem, but it only happened after I bought like 6 kegs, 1 soccer ball, and 2 soccer goals. So I think these items sent me over that height limit. So I just wanted to know if I could get those kegs and soccer items removed please?

You know you can sell items, right?

I’m getting an inventory bug where no inventory items are shown, so I can’t sell anything

Oh and I bought like 6 jetpacks to test the buying with the glitch, so if those can get removed to thanks

I don’t think the number of items you have has anything to do with them dissapearing

Appears to be an item limit for steam inventory around the 23,500 item mark


So, wait a sec. Are you saying you have over 23,000 items then. How? I’ve been playing TU ever since the ball race alpha and I own like 50 items.

I have 23,563 items, or around there. 13,000 are walls. But the game was working until I bought like 20 more items, so I think I went right above the limit :confused:

Only 50?? You do realize a lot of people build lavish condos, right? Hell I’m not even that creative and I have like 2,500 items since I bought the game last August

Yeah, I know. Was mostly joking. I just don’t really care about my condo all that much. I have the suite with a few basic items in it and that’s about all. I’m just boring like that. Lol. I can only imagine how many thousands of canvases that AshGe has bought to make his Lobby 1 remake, though

Thanks for fixing the item stacking, but i just found something else

it says i have 13,000 walls and 741
but in game it shows that i only have 1 of each

for any item that was stacked due to the inventory wipe glitch
if i try to place items, it places the 1 wall and says i have no more

The items were stacked by Valve and we are still discussing with them. We have not yet implemented Steam stacks in our game yet.

wasn’t there a few people who had the same inventory issue because they bought like 30k in spoons/forks/knives?