Buying player models for units

I want to start off by saying I love the workshop support and seeing everyone’s unique player models but it feels a bit empty just being able to download any model and switch between them at any time. One of my favourite things about gmt was earning credits to buy the unique and ridiculous skins. It felt like growing a collection of skins and hats and it was so rewarding seeing your closet being filled out with items you bought.

I get that because of copyright you can’t monetise the skins. And I get that some players might not like the idea of “paid dlc” for something that could be free. But I feel like there could be a middle ground that makes everyone happy. How about letting the modellers submit there skin to the devs for consideration and if it is deemed high quality, they could add it to the skin store. Or selling the most popular skins on the store. Or holding a community vote for which skins should be officially added to the game.

The biggest criticism of this change is that it’s similar to the paid mods from Skyrim but I couldn’t disagree more. The issue with Skyrim’s paid mods was that real money had to be used for purchase whereas tower unites in game currency cannot be purchased using real money. The only way to earn units is by playing the game, which in turn will make saving up for that cool skin of your favourite character so much more rewarding.

Personally I feel like these changes would add more value to the currency and entice players to play more of the game world games (I know it did more me on gmt). Perhaps even having the players closet fill out with the models and hats they buy like in gmt would reward the player by having a literal growing collection of what they purchased.

What do you think?

An Appearance store for clothing and playermodels will be implemented later in development. I dislike the idea of paying for Workshop models, as they have already become a really important part of the games identity. Limiting that would probably make a lot of people angry or leave a bad taste in their mouth.


I don’t think it’s good to centralize an incentive system around something that’s probably violating copyright laws. Not only that, but I noticed a lot of people don’t give proper credit to the source of their models as well. All around, I just don’t like the idea.


Honestly, this would not be a good idea because of copyright. It may have worked in Gmod, because that was a game where copyright didn’t really matter, but this is a real commercial game, so this wouldn’t be possible.

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i forgot to add this but i made a thread for ideas that may make getting units for customisation

i was thinking that there needs to be more to spend units on for the player customisation part, this way it can be more of customisation to the base free player model you have.
more stuff needs to be around the player customisation that you work for since its a big part of TU and having only accessories be the only part of it to spend units on and work for (and milestones i guess) doesn’t seem as fun to me.

but also making workshop models has been free for everyone for the past half a year suddenly be that you need to pay for it is not fair to people.

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No micro-transactions, full stop.


only thing you should buy with real world money in tower is tower.


I think you misunderstood my point, i never said the models should be bought with real money - quite the opposite actually. I suggested that by being able to buy the models with the in-game currency that’s earned by playing would be a rewarding incentive to keep playing the games. Its something big to work towards and save up for. its one of the reasons Gmod towers was fun for me.


I agree


I would like if it felt more rewarding to get workshop playermodels, but it feels a bit too late to make people have to buy them with units since they’ve been free since last September.