Bugged Collection Book Achievement Unlock Time

I recently obtained the Coaster Addict achievement - Steam lists my unlock time as Jul 10 @ 5:42am (this is in the Eastern US time zone). However, in the game itself, my collection book lists the time as 1/1/1970 at 12:00 AM (UNIX 0, or maybe UNIX 1 through 59).

I’m not actually sure why this happened. I briefly walked away from my computer at the time that the achievement unlocked, and came back in AFK mode - I’m not sure if it may have unlocked right before going AFK and this had something to do with it?

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Ah yes, the golden decade of Tower Unite. I remember playing in '75. It was beautiful. Much more simple game back then. But it was nice.

Holy smokes, January 19, 2038 sure came fast!

This happens because Steam only updates the unlocked time after you restart your game sometimes, sadly. So it defaults to the first Unix timestamp.