Bring the old game ports to the dedicated game ports server specifically

So, I’m gonna write my own reasoning on what was good in the game ports update and what was bad, which is why I’d like it to be the way the title says.
Good moment in the new game ports update was that players in Plaza could actually hook up with others to play games, and the new “mini” game ports (as a friend of mine called them) actually fit well into the plaza design.
But what’s actually bad is that as the only version of the game ports, they have firm minuses, like:

  1. Old big map with big and detailed decorations for the gamemodes was lost. New small designs look not bad on their own, but to me and friends I talked with (yeah, I’m not using this as a social statistics proof :p) it is clearly way less of an original piece than what the old game ports and their game decorations were. The decorations also felt like they were entrances to the game worlds themselves plot-wise, which was also giving an awesome feeling for them.
  2. Old game ports map actually had the sphere skybox, which implied us being inside that sphere we can see from the outside in the Plaza plot-wise, and now it’s gone. So now the sphere we see in the plaza isn’t really used as anything plot-wise, while it was actually a good design/idea both outside and on the inside.
  3. Dedicated server for the game ports received just the room from the lobby with entrances closed just with a wall. To be fair, it’s not something bad or buggy or causing real difficulties to players, of course; but in terms of a design it looks like a pretty chip decision and it also makes me think again about how the dedicated game ports suffered aesthetically from this update.

So, to conclude my thoughts, that is why I think that leaving new game ports as “mini” versions for the Plaza while having old ones on the dedicated server would be a great idea.
Thank you for your attention!