Bring back them Idlescreens!

Title. ^

For anyone unaware, back on GMT, I believe Massaki made a ton of Idlescreens for the theatre for when nothing was in queue.

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Isn’t that a whole different thing than theatre idlescreens?


^ Honestly yeah? I don’t see how it shouldn’t work when it should just load when someone enters the theatre.

I must’ve missed that. I just got home from drinking


Yeah pretty sure idlescreens are possible, and it has been suggested a couple times in the past. Still gets my vote every time though :stuck_out_tongue:

Theatres are a lot more isolated now than in Lobby 1 (Which is what I think of when I think of idlescreens), I think it would be great to have little screens around the plaza, and/or a central screen that might have some other stuff included too, high scores and the like (I recall there was a similar main screen in GMT’s Lobby 1, I think it had patch notes? It was in the right corner of the fountain area). I’ve always loved the general idea of there being a dedicated Tower TV broadcast/newspaper or something similar, and this would be a cool thing to bring back.

I did some surface research; there hasn’t been a dedicated idlescreen suggestion thread in years, and in 2016 Mac said they were “probably going to bring them back, but not yet", not sure where that leaves us now.

I think the main issue isn’t just implementing the screens, but more-so devoting resources to creating nice graphics/cinematics each month, finding non-copyrighted fitting music, etc. when there’s so many things that always need work and attention.


Woah, these are really cool. I’d love to work on this if possible.


Do it no balls


It’s official, Idlescreen is coming to Tower Unite. Thanks for the suggestion!