Bots for SDNL

It would be great if SDNL had bots that allowed for you to change their difficulty level so that you can get the achievements easily.

To be honest, I am downright abysmal at FPS games and I’d honestly have a better chance of getting the “Yes, I am the real garry!” achievement in GMod than I have of getting the achievements that actually require you to win in 1st in SDNL.

Adding bots would make things easier and also keep me from playing with more skilled players if I want to get the achievements. Because the skill difference between me and most of the SDNL player base is so apparent that it’s not even fair!


You want to play SDNL alone?

Sure, why not? Bot matches are great for when you just wanna chill and have some mindlessly chaotic fun. It’s not like bots are uncommon in shooters. Especially 90’s shooters like SDNL is emulating. It’d be great to have as an option.


Bots are essential for this type of game.