Bone Zone Presents : First Ever Bonesmas Special



Alright everyone, night 2 of The Bonesmas Special might be a liiittle postponed because Skeleman says he’s going to be running a little late, so I’m going to give him a half hour maximum before I start the show.
It can be a tough time trying to do Bone Zone solo, so hopefully that’ll give him time to get in gear and get to the show. Thanks for your understanding in advance! :heart: :skull: :christmas_tree:


I was feeling a bit bored today, so I decided to make some 3D Borax and Deja Mustard for everyone this Bonesmas.

Buy them today, for only 1,200 units each!

Deja Mustard:


Meanwhile at SUPER later than expected : we’re going live in - Now.



Here’s a ton of pictures:



Lich gets a gift!



Bonemas Episode 3 is gonna be good! I’m prepared for it! If it’s happening. :slight_smile:


Again, it’s not technically going to be an episode 3 as much as a get together where we watch movies of Christmas past. I’ll do a little chatting here and there but it’s mostly just a cozy little hang out session in my condo.


Ok but just in case it is, I’ll be there.


Never forget, the time that 4 friends entered Bone Zone, 3 decided to troll and make racist comments and got perma-banned and one didn’t betray the love we showed him. Long live Baby Picante.




Well I had an amazing time tonight Lich!


Here’s some Pictures from The Shows!




Hi, sorry to bump this but will there be a Bonemas Bru Ray?


I’ve been considering, but I’ve been kind of lazy. The official response is a solid “Maybe.”