Blorp Graffiti


for drrabbits upcoming stuff! here’s some lesser graffitis


oh and feel free to use these in your condo if you’d like!


Incredible work Demoman


These are epic. You got an epic art style.


new speculation: the earth is a lemon and you are all incorrect if you think otherwise


Where did this “blorp” thing even come from anyway? I feel like the only person in the TU community who hasn’t gotten any context to this.


Blorps Came out of a egg one day, and they multiplied into different species and spread across the TU universe


From what I’ve gathered, @Searith made their own original model that they called a blorp and uploaded to the workshop. Variations were made, steam was gained, and they were endorsed by @Drrabbit to push it even further. Nowadays Searith is tired of making them and is currently in the process of passing on the torch to @Lemon as official Blorp extraordinaire.

Personally I’m a not a huge fan and as one comment put it, they are TU’s version of Ugandan Knuckles.

Blorp! :nerd_face:


I agree, I don’t really get the appeal of them.

At the very least, blorps aren’t constantly saying “do u kno da wai???lolxdsofuni”




Ive been thinking of getting more people making more official blorps.

More Blorp!


not quite sure if i’d call them ugandan knuckles, as their appearance is meant to be cute rather than unholy. think of it like a minion that didnt go wrong.


and blorps aren’t meant to be obnoxious and annoying, they’re mostly created for laughs and to spread positivity


Blorps are cute and all, but they’ll never surpass Catsacks.


blorps are knights and the catsacks are kings and queens


forced memes are never appealing

and from what i saw there were a few times a handful of people that would use the blorp model and just all talk at once and pretty much terrorize the lobby. haven’t been on tower inna bit myself but it was pretty obnoxious honestly and just more of a big clique type of thing, which inherently isn’t bad but when ppl are forcing it to be a meme and pretty much trying to make it the games posterchild it does get annoying


how come any time anything gets popular it becomes a ‘forced meme’? sorry guys putting your TV in that one hole in condo is a forced meme now.

blorps are just a silly little model, just like those original bunnies all over workshop, just like TU’s crab collection and catsacks. it really is just people wearing a model they think is cute.


Its not being forced, its a thing that a section of the Tower Unite community like. It is literally a clique, nobody is forcing it, they are made for a handful of people to enjoy bud.


(damn this only started as a little sentence wtf)
i wouldn’t call it a forced meme , but i do now see an issue with the blorps recently.

Originally is was a model that Searith made based of an emote that a few people like Searith, Drrabbit, Computrix and ect used and found funny and cool, it was like an inside joke they had which made it funny, and the model itself also looked kind of funny.
But i think the current issue i have gotten from it is that it has like went too far i guess, since now a bunch of OC versions of it came out fairly quick on the workshop.
The original joke and thrill behind the model has gone and now the model itself, and from my view of it, (but this may not be true, it is just what it looks like) is that people seem to see it as the mascot of TU and kind of worship it in a similar manner to how people dealt with the ugandan knuckles, where it went from 1 model at the start of the meme to a bunch of OCs, items and worlds made dedicated towards it once the joke behind it began dying off to most people.

It’s was like “haha that looks weird and funny” a few times at the start, but now its like “that again” since it has been seen so many times and the original thrill factor of its funny looks have gone, and now if someone didn’t want to see blorps they can’t block them since a bunch more OCs of them are popping up and will be new and unblocked and they have to manually block new ones so it can get on peoples nerves.

i think what is going on here is that a few times i have seen people forcing the blorps as a part of the game , when they are not and are just a model in the workshop among many different models, and not apart of TU, and some people are acting like the blorps are a defining feature of TU, even if they are not doing it purposely.

But that’s just my view of it all and people have their own opinions which i won’t put down, it’s just what i think behind and what i feel a few people including prodigalist partially meant and feel about it.


Instead of derailing someones thread about their art, why not let them make their art and not take away everything they just did :eyes: